faulyboneskirkusFaulty Bones, a novel by J.M. Fraser, is available for $2.99 Kindle purchase HERE. (Also available on iTunes, B&N, Kobo; and as a paperback on Amazon and B&N.)

Destined love thwarted by a supernatural con game.

Two bankrupt card players, lured by black magic and a casino-chip counterfeiting scam, get lost within the folds of a world no longer true.

Faulty Bones follows the journey of Mike and Amy–a couple of restless drifters who misdirect their anchors to the shifty part of town. Can they overcome her gambling addiction and his tenuous grasp of reality to find their way back on the grid? A pair of scheming mobsters, a demonic con man, and a series of ripples in the sands of time won’t make the going easy.

Nothing proves to be as it seems in this novel, and that’s the essence of a good scam. Are you a clever enough detective to guess all the secrets before they’re revealed?

Categories: contemporary, romance, fantasy, time travel, mystery, and suspense. 

“The affecting depiction of Amy’s struggle to right her life, along with the complex plot, give the novel depth and excitement.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Should I gamble that the counterfeiter’s threat is a bluff? No, cuz he handed the meat cleaver to a shadowy guy in a hoody, and that particular somebody is waiting outside this apartment in the hallway as we speak. I caught a glimpse of another hooded thug in the living room of this creepy place when I came in. To tell them apart, let’s call Philippe’s guy Thing One and Eugene’s thug Thing Two, cuz they’re interchangeable and also out of respect for the late Dr. Seuss, whose books delighted me as a child. I see hoodies sitting at poker tables all the time. Those types are typically harmless, and the timid ones are exploitable in a card game, but not the dudes wielding meat cleavers.”